There’s a lot of information out there – Copyright Law, Royalty rates, The Fair Play Fair Pay Act, and so much more.

Most artists aren’t aware of their rights. Because of that, they don’t receive what is rightfully theirs.

I’m Karoline Kramer Gould, and I am bringing the fight for artist’s rights to you.

Join me in the quest to learn all we can about the laws that protect creators, the people determined to ensure our works continue to be protected, and how we can help.

In each episode, I’ll talk about the latest news that affects artist’s lives. I’ll talk with knowledgeable people in the industry to learn how the pieces fit together. And then we’ll work together, one episode at a time, to get our rights realized fully.

The IRespectMusic Podcast will be your place to learn, grow, and become a stronger advocate. Join me. Let’s make a difference together