Episode 1 – How Do Musicians Make Money?

Episode 1 of the #IRespectMusic Podcast – How Do Musicians Make Money? Featuring guests George Gecik and Ryan Humbert. Special thanks to Cornelius Gould. The show theme “Noahs Stark” written & performed by Andre William Owen . Player piano tone from freesound.org by user RTB45


*Peacetones.org has a great series on the world of Publishing that really helped. Start with Part 1 – you’ll have to search for parts 2-5.
*The Returned Value of PROs
*The U.S. Copyright Office
*The Harry Fox Agency
*DIY Musician – What is a Mechanical Royalty?  (note: DIY Musician is a blog with CD Baby – so it has a slant towards using them. But they are a great resource as well.)

(c)2017 Karoline Kramer Gould

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